Lcr Quiescens is the association of the Lcr35 strain at a dose of 10^9 per capsule, with a specific production process to increase its capacity to colonize intestinal tract, and 0.6 mg of vitamin A. Its purpose is to help women suffering from vaginal discomfort.

Lactobacillus plays a major role in intimate feminine comfort: it occupies the vaginal mucosa, preventing pathogenic agents from settling and developing. Additionally, scientific studies* show a direct link between the lactobacillus present in the vagina and rectum: healthy intestinal flora has a direct incidence on vaginal health.

gyno-manAs a result, the proven records of Lcr35 in gynaecology and gastroenterology are of primary interest. The oral intake of Lcr35 has:

  • A proven impact on intestinal flora quality, known as the “lactobacillus reservoir” of the vagina. On one hand it increases global lactobacillus population(3)(5); on the other hand the specific strain Lcr35 does have the capability to colonize the rectum(4).
  • The capacity of colonising the vagina, clinically proven(8), due to a bacterial migration from rectum to vagina. Once the probiotic is in the vagina, it enters into competition against pathogenic agents(1)(6)(7).
  • A MALT global stimulation effect: vaginal and intestinal mucosa are part of the MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissues). The oral intake of Lcr35 stimulates the MALT (9)(11)(12) at the intestinal level, generating a general stimulation of the MALT with a remote effect on other mucosa (10).

As a complement to probiotics, Gynocomfort’s formulation includes vitamin A, a key vitamin for the good health of mucosa, including intimate mucosa, and proper function of the immune system. Considering that certain epidemiological studies establish that women may suffer from a vitamin A deficiency, complementing the natural intake is interesting: if the mucosa is in good shape due to normal status of vitamin A, intimate comfort can then be improved.


The detailed access to clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of Lcr35 are only available to our scientific and commercial partners.