Lcr Lenio is a culture of Lcr35 commercialised as a dietary supplement or food for special purposes, available in capsules and sachets, with a minimum of 10^9 live Lcr35 at the time of manufacturing. It benefits from a specific 3biotic production process, creating an outstanding resistance to gastric acidity and bile which allows a maximum quantity of probiotics to arrive alive in the colon, without any microencapsulation.

lenio-man2This strain has been used worldwide for over 50 years in gastroenterology. Based on this strong legitimacy, Probionov has continued to explore the strain’s abilities over the past decade with published studies demonstrating its capacity to:

  • Colonize the intestinal track and improve the quality of its flora, the minimum requirement to claim for a probiotic activity was demonstrated in vivo in several studies(2)(3)(5). Interestingly, there is a long term probiotic effect, with flora improvement remaining even 3 weeks after stopping intake(5).
  • Restore the intestinal barrier, by enhancing intestinal impermeability(8) and creating a protective biofilm(7). Several studies(7)(9)(15)(16) show as well its inhibition capacity on over 40 major intestinal pathogens.
  • Have a beneficial effect in various conditions, with clinical studies done in diarrhoea(10)(11)(12)(13)(14), rotavirus infections(15), constipation(3), IBS-D(2), pain(1)(2)(3). The last publication (4) (July 2012) is amazing: use of Lcr35 in pre-term babies cut the mortality rate in half and reduced intestinal necrosis by 79%!


The detailed access to clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of Lcr35 are only available to our scientific and commercial partners.