Lcr Immunio is marketed in capsules as a dietary supplement or food for medical purposes. It is the combination of the Lcr35 strain, produced under a specific process for the gastrointestinal tract, and two vital trace elements: zinc and selenium. Each capsule contains 10^9 live Lcr35, 15 mg of zinc and 100 micrograms of selenium.

immune system


Lcr35 has outstanding safety records after more than 60 years of usage on all continents. Its immunostimulant profile was described in 2008 in a PBMC model. Since then, multiple proprietary studies have proven its interest for enhancing the body’s defences by:

  • Strengthening the intestinal barrier: intestinal flora is a first barrier to stop pathogens. With Lcr35 the quality and efficacy of this barrier is improved(8)(9)(10)(11) and the impermeability of the intestinal wall itself is increased too (12)
  • Stimulating the immune system: the strain has interesting immunomodulation capacities (4)(5)(6).

This efficacy has been proven in vivo with:

  • A unique clinical study on more than 1,000 children (3) showing, with statistical significance, the superiority of the strain to prevent bacterial infections, viral infections, gastro intestinal infections and respiratory infections. In this study, Lcr35 demonstrated its superiority over two other probiotic products of different species, with higher dosage.
  • A newly published study (July 2012) on 1,130 pre-term babies (2), where usage of Lcr35 decreased septicaemia cases by 39%.

The probiotic effect is complemented by zinc, an element with strong clinical evidence in respiratory & gastro intestinal infections. As far as selenium is concerned, studies show that a regular intake helps the body fight viruses. In Lcr Immunio, these three components are administrated at a clinically relevant dose, with the final product becoming a very complementary alliance that stimulates the totality of the immune system.


The detailed access to clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of Lcr35 are only available to our scientific and commercial partners.