gynophils-boxGynophilus is presented as vaginal capsules, each of them containing 341 mg of Lcr Regenerans, a culture of the Lcr35 strain specially designed for the vaginal environment. It has a long history of use in gynaecology (more than 30 years) and an excellent safety profile.

The modification of the physiological pH and vaginal flora can cause a diminution of natural defences and an increased sensitivity to vaginal yeasts. This imbalance is responsible for the following symptoms: itching, an unpleasant odour, abnormal discharge, burning, perineal discomfort and irritation.

Gynophilus liberates lactobacilli that form a film over the healthy vaginal mucosa. Lactobacilli produce lactic acid which lowers the local pH in the vagina, thus preventing harmful pathogenic bacteria from colonizing and proliferating on the mucosa.

Therefore, Gynophilus acts by modifying the physical environment in the vagina and can be used:

  • to regenerate vaginal flora
  • as a relay for an antibiotic or antimycotic treatment to reduce the appearance of recurrent bacterial vaginosis or vaginal thrush infections.

The effectiveness of Gynophilus for both uses has been proven in vivo in multiple human studies, making of this product one of the best documented vaginal probiotics.

Lcr Regenerans benefits from a unique 3biotic process, preparing the Lcr35 strain to survive in the vaginal environment. Due to this process, the ability of Lcr35 to ferment glycogen is five times superior to that of the native Lcr35 strain. With glycogen being the natural source of carbon in the vagina, it increases the strain’s capacity to survive and multiply in the vagina. It also allows acidification of the vaginal cavity, proven in vitro and in vivo (10) (27) due to a higher production of lactic acid. It is of interest to note that 95% of the lactic acid produced by Lcr35 is L-lactate, corresponding to the lactic acid naturally present in the vaginal cavity. Due to the 3biotic process, a capsule of Lcr Regenerans contains not only the probiotic strain, but its culture medium as well. In certain cases, vaginal epithelium is atrophied and, as an endpoint, glycogen content in the vagina is reduced. In these cases, the fact that the lactobacillus comes in the capsule together with the necessary nutrients for its growth is of great interest.


The detailed access to clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of Lcr35 are only available to our scientifi and commercial partners.