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Unlike other probiotic producers, when manufacturing our probiotic we use a unique process called 3Biotic. It allows administration in the final product of not only the probiotic, but also of the prebiotic and its natural postbiotics, integrated in a synergetic compound. The 3biotic formula is generating a unique efficacy by creating a “bacterial training” effect through the stimulation of specific genes of the probiotic strain.

This technology allows for different preparation of the probiotic strain, depending on its final usage. Our vaginal product and gastroenterological products are based on the same Lcr35 strain, but made with different 3biotic processes. For example, in gynaecology we increase Lcr35’s capacity to produce lactic acid whereas in Gastroenterology we increase its capacity to resist gastric acidity and inhibit intestinal pathogens. Those outstanding results were published in 2012 in the Journal of Biotechnology.

Finally, this process greatly protects the strain, making it possible to keep it alive at room temperature.