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Every day we learn more about the human microbiome, thanks to initiatives such as METAHIT and the HUMAN MICROBIOME PROJECT. New evidence of multiple interactions between the host and bacteria are being discovered, bringing to light a symbiosis never before imagined.


Now there is a new therapeutic approach: care for the microbiome to care for its host; attack the bacterial origin of certain diseases instead of correcting their symptoms.

Probionov, the parent company of Laboratoires Lyocentre, has specialised in microbiology since its creation in 1956.

Our mission is to develop the best therapeutic microbiotic ranges for human health. We seek to treat people differently, focussing on their microbiome. To achieve this, we invest heavily in research and development, in compliance with pharmaceutical standards. Armed with more than 60 years of experience, we also provide microbiological research services at the forefront of technology.

Our current ranges cover 3 therapeutic areas: gastroenterology, gynaecology and immunology. Our products are derived from a production process that combines both expertise and unique technology: the 3biotic® process.

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